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BACK IN THE long last!

Steve and the lads are currently back in the recording studio starting work on their new, and eagerly awaited 2nd album that they hope have completed and mastered by early Summer.

There has been a long gap since their debut album, "All This Love & Hate",and Steve explains the reason behind this, especially after the untimely death of good friend, and talented drummer, Michael Bettell.

Steve explains...

 "Losing Michael as a friend and drummer, really knocked me and left a huge hole in my life, along  with the close friends and family that he left behind. Michael had such passion and really believed in what he was doing as a drummer/musician, that seem to quite literally infect anyone else that he was around. He just had that aura! Michael was the one who originally made me believe that we had something.

After listening to the original lame prison demo tapes, that my brother handed over to him, he was the one that made up my mind to make the bold move from my home in the north, to the sunny south, to start work on making the dream into reality, along with his closest friend and multi-talented musician/producer, Mark Cunningham. Soon after that, I met my lovely wife Donna and sweet daughter Georgia, and before we knew it, we had another 2 lovely additions to the family, and not a moment left to do anything much with the music.

...But little did we know, the music was doing it's work on it's own, hitting many local radio stations with the rock ballad, Always, and soon after the bigger breakthrough on national radio, on the Steve Wright show on Radio 2. But within a month or so the terrible news came...Michael had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was so tough, as music was quite simply his life! Michael's  brave fight for life, ended shortly after.

Since the loss of Michael I just have had little inspiration to song-write and we have really missed not having him around to inspire us. He was such an encouragement! It has proved an uncompromising challenge...until now!"

Recording @ Shack Studios, Rettendon…

  Currently their first batch of songs for the new album are being recorded @ Shack Studios in Rettendon with engineer Grant Matthews.  (who originally helped them engineer their first album, "All This Love & Hate", with good friend and producer Mark Cunningham)

The core of the current line up are keyboard player, Taylor Higgs, electric and acoustic guitarist John Mannion and guitarist/bassist James Goulding along with some special guest appearances lined up in the coming months!  Watch this space…

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